bead board LOVE sign

this summer i have been all about some d.i.y. wall decorations. in august i will be moving into my dorm & can’t wait to put all of my decorations up. the most recent one i’ve completed was an adorable bead board sign i found on pinterest. the original post was from make it & love it, but i made mine smaller and painted it a little bit different.


this was super simple to make, i promise. & you can’t really mess it up. you may already know how to make this just from looking at the picture, but here’s how i did it:

decide on what size, font, & color letters you want to use. craft stores like hobby lobby & michael’s have a variety to choose from. i used 9.5 inch letters & painted them white.


cut your bead board to whatever size you want. lowe’s or homedopt will normally cut it for you. i figured out the size i needed by multiplying the letter height by 2 & adding 5. so my letters were 9.5 x 2 = 19 + 5 = 24 height wise. then i subtracted 3 on the width b/c the letters aren’t as wide as they are tall.


if it isn’t already painted white you will need to paint it. it works best to paint it white first so if you decide not to paint the creases, like i did, it won’t be wood colored & your color will be more true to what it looks like out of the bottle. i used some valspar interior white paint b/c we had it around the house, but any acrylic paint will work.


here it is after two coats of the white paint. make sure to paint the edges too.


after the white paint is completely dry then paint it whatever color you choose. i used a sponge brush to give it a textured look & so the crevices in the bead board would stay mostly white. but this part is up to you & how you want it to look.


after everything is dry & painted, its time to glue the letters on. hot glue worked great for me!


attach a hook to the back if you want to hang it & you’re all done!


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