date night number one

as part of my 101 in 1001 challenge & being inspired by shannon’s date night, i am going to plan 12 dates for justin & i. a whole year of planned-out- no-decision-making dates. this is big for us b/c we both hate making decisions, like we have fought over it before, not kidding. so for july, i planned a day trip to atlanta to try some new, exciting things.


first we both go pedicures at a new nail place we had neither on tried. it ended up not being in atlanta, b/c we decided to stay in town until closer to dinner. i was kind of nervous about going somewhere new, i guess i’ m not big on certain kinds of change. but it turned out it was a great choice. we loved the ladies doing our feet and we decided to definitely go back there and maybe make it our new “normal” place. we got the foot mask & towel wrap option, to splurge a little bit b/c we normally get just the basic. the foot mask made our feet super cold though! justin still had some dead skin on his heels, so next time we’ll have to mention that. but we loved getting pampered and it was a nice change in environment. plus the lady that did my toes was really good at nail designs & i got these super adorable anchors!


then we headed to atlanta to do a little bit of shopping before dinner. we both love to spend some money, but we decided in advance to stick to a set amount for our date night & i even got cash out of the bank so i wasn’t tempted to swipe my card at all. however, since i had planned a little more for the pedicures and i didn’t get my nails done, i had a little bit extra money so i got a pizza cutter for my mom b/c she has been talking about needing one forever.


then we headed off to dinner right down the road at hudson grille, a place neither of us had ever been. and it was delicious! we ended up being there on $5 burger night which was crazy, b/c i tried not to pick a cheap place to eat but it still turned out we both got $5 burgers. the environment was very relaxed & the restaurant was clean & had good service. i would definitely recommend it if you’re ever in atlanta.

Untitled picture

after dinner we went to the movie now you see me & it was awesome! definitely see it when it comes out on dvd if you didn’t see it in theaters. the theater we went to had lazy boy recliner chairs and they were great! the only thing was i was wearing a dress & the recliners were leather so i kept sticking to them.

Untitled picture

we had so much fun, and it was great not having to make any decision on the spot. i can’t wait to see what next months date night will be. join shannon & all the other bloggers who are doing a year of dates, and plan dates for your boyfriend or husband.



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