bake something new each month: june, cutout sugar cookies


i’m always looking for a good sugar cookie recipe that is three things:

1) a dough that holds its shape well

2) a fairly basic recipe that doesn’t require half of your pantry

3) a great tasting cookie that isn’t dry or crunchy

well, i have found one that holds up very well to those three things! i tastes just like the package mix that you buy at the store and add butter and egg. it rolls out very well after being refrigerated. and it holds its shape for the most part (probably wouldn’t be good if your cutout has small legs, intricate pieces, etc).

in addition to being an overall good cookie, they stay fresh for a couple weeks as long as they are in an airtight container. i sent them in a care package to the summer camp my sister is working at and she was still eating on them when i visited her the next weekend.

the recipe is from pillsbury, which makes since because they sell tons of baking goods so they must know something about good recipes! you can find it here or keep reading below. i also pinned them, along with a bunch of other great recipes on pinterest and you can follow me here!

also if you have read my post about 101 in 1001, this is my first month of baking something new each month & part of the care package i sent!




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